There's a cold front blasting across the U.S. again, even Arizona was hit with an unexpected snowstorm. While it's yet to be seen if Central Florida will get even the tiniest tinge of snowfall, Florida weather forecasts show temps plummetting next week.

According to The Weather Channel, Tampa will only see a mild drop in temperature, with the lowest waking temp of 44 F on Monday, December 2nd, and another day in the 40s at 48 F on Wednesday, Dec. 4th.

Tampa will continue to see a fluctuation between the low 50s & mid to high 40s throughout the week, reaching highs in the mid-60s & low 70s. The days will be partly cloudy, so you may want to pack a jacket or a hoodie for your mornings.

Orlando will also see their temps drop into the low to mid-40s 3 days in a row from Dec. 2nd through Dec. 4th. With waking temps of 44 F, on Monday and 46 F on both Tuesday & Wednesday.

Highs are expected to stay in the low 60s, with highs climbing to the low to mid-70s by the end of next week.

You're really gonna want your hat & maybe even some gloves in Lakeland as it plummets into the 30s on Monday — with a morning low of 39 F, and a high of 65.

Tuesday through Thursday morning will see lows of 44 F, 46 F, & 47 F; highs are expected to hover around the low to mid-60s until Thursday where they will climb back up to the 70s.

Lakeland's days will be mostly sunny, with a little cloud coverage later in the week.

Time to whip out those cute jackets, hats, sweaters, & booties for a few days!

Much of central Florida will see the chill turn up as we move into the Holiday Season; you can check for your city's full forecast for next week & the next month through The Weather Channel's website here.

You can check out photos of Arizona's unexpected snowstorm here.

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We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.