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Florida’s Hosting A ‘Tiny Home Festival’ With The Smallest and Cutest Houses This Spring

St. Petersburg is hosting a festival with the smallest houses in the world.

They say less is more. If you're into the minimalist life or simply like things out of the ordinary, come to the Tiny Home Festival.  St. Petersburg is hosting a festival with the smallest houses in the world. 

The festival will take place on March 23 and 24 at the SPC Allstate Center from 10 am to 6 pm. This will be the second annual festival showing over 20 tiny home structures. This is a unique event and if you're into a simplistic living, you should definitely visit. If you think you can live under 400 square feet or at least you're just curious about it, the owners of these tiny homes will show you how. 

A lot of people are jumping into the tiny home bandwagon but there are also retail businesses opting for a bus as their retail space. This festival only costs $10 and is a great way to plan your new home if you're on a budget.

The festival will feature 20 tiny homes, Skoolies, and converted vans, more than a dozen expert speakers, food trucks to purchase food, mobile boutiques, and more than 50 artists and crafters. It's important you buy your ticket early here because they will charge $25 at the entrance. 

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Some of the houses at the festival will be on wheels. The greatest thing about tiny homes is that they can cost as little as $35 a month in electric bills. The festival will also feature presentations about zoning and building regulations in case you're wanting to pursue a tiny home. 

There are no pets allowed at this festival and is smoke-free. After all, this is an eco-friendly environment. At the festival, you'll see tiny homes as little as 100 square feet. 

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The festival will be located at 3200 34th St S, St. Petersburg.