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Florida's Tiniest Taco Shop Just Opened In A Space Where An ATM Was

You can get $3 tacos at Florida's smallest taco shop.

Dunedin, Florida is now home to Taco Baby, the smallest taco restaurant in Florida. It is located in a 54-square-foot space that used to house a Chase ATM.

The co-owner of Taco Baby's parent company, Nina Hospitality, Kurt Ferguson believes that it is the smallest taco restaurant in Florida. He says that it has just enough room to fit the two people that serve the tacos. And the tacos are not made offsite, either.

Ferguson confirms that Taco Baby has all the prep equipment, such as the dish-washing sink, the hand-washing sink, refrigerators, and cooking surfaces. Co-owner Traci Ferguson says that most people who visit Taco Baby still expect to find the Chase ATM.

Taco Baby serves a small menu of $3 tacos, including al pastor and jackfruit pibil. Taco Baby, "Florida's Tiniest Taqueria", is open Thursdays and Fridays from 5 PM to 1 AM, on Saturdays from noon to 1 AM, and Sundays noon to sunset. 

Take a look at the cute taco shop:

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The Nina Hospitality Company operates in the Tampa Bay area and has two other restaurants, CaraCara, which also serves tacos, and Coattails. 

Visit Nina Hospitality's website here to learn more about Taco Baby.

Visit Taco Baby's Instagram here.