With the minimum requirements for insurance being so low, you would think it'd be cheaper in the Sunshine State. Bad news, that's not the case in Florida.  Florida millennials are paying some of the highest insurance rates across the nation

According to The Insurance Information Institute, the average driver in Florida will pay a crushing $1,259.55 per year for just car insurance, putting us at #5 for the most expensive state for car insurance premiums. We are literally shook.

Via Insurance Information Institute

Sadly issues with car insurance fraud and tons of accidents each day, among many other factors, keep our rates high and our pockets short. According to Martinez Manglardi Attorneys in Florida, more than 1,000 accidents happen each day here - with more than 30,000 happening in Orange County for 2018. We can only imagine with more drivers on the road that more accidents will happen 2019.

The good news is you won't have to get creative to save some money on car insurance in 2019. ValuePenguin analyzed available car insurance options in Florida and compiled a list of the cheapest options, so you have an idea on the best places to get quotes from. 

According to their website, the cheapest insurance option in Florida right now is through Florida Farm Bureau Insurance, with an average yearly cost of only $381 - Followed by USAA at a $600 premium, and Geico the 3rd cheapest at $605. Here are the top 5:

Via ValuePenguin

Of course, your rate will vary depending on how clean your driving record is and the type of car you drive, so you should always get multiple quotes to see who will give you the best rate - and save you the most money to put towards your next Florida adventure, like the Venetian Pool.

You can see the full study list of the 18 cheapest insurance companies on their website here.