Many people remember the day of September 4, 2006 like it was yesterday: our beloved Australian-accented Crocodile Hunter TV show host met his untimely fate after an unusual stingray accident. It was a tragedy that many of us have yet to fully accept - so when the news dropped that there was a giant stingray spotted in Florida, it unsurprisingly reminded a lot of people of Steve Irwin.

According to multiple news sources, the ray was spotted by divers in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Tarpon Springs - a small town outside of Tampa, Florida. The ray's size has been compared to a "car" and it was spotted 40 ft below the surface. Apparently, it is unusual to see such a large creature at a depth this shallow. 

Additionally, the scuba divers got pretty close to the ray, which was another reason some viewers were commenting about Irwin's unfortunate encounter. Some were even saying the divers wanted to get "Irwin'd" being that close to a wild ray.

You can see the video of the beast published by the Tampa Bay Times below, along with some commentary:

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But let's be honest, anyone who is a true fan of the legend himself knows that if Irwin could see this footage he would be over the moon with excitement. 

Really there's only a few things that could've made today the best day ever,One of which is if Steve Irwin was alive and well and we could've fought a stingray together...that would've topped today off

March 24, 2019

Irwin may be gone, but as made clear by the comments made in 2019 - more than 10 years proceeding his passing - he is never forgotten.