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This Sweet Spot In Florida Serves The Most Delicious Unusually Flavored Popsicles

Fresh fruit, crazy flavors - Mango Mojito?!

If there are 2 things that really slay on a hot summer's day, it's fresh fruit or a frozen sweet treat. Tampa pop shop The Hyppo perfectly marry the pair in the form of their Gourmet Popsicles - and even offer a wide range of dairy-free options.

This super cute little shop serves up some of the most colorful and fruity ice pops around - and their process is simple. According to their website, each popsicle is made with fresh fruit (local as often as possible), fresh herbs and spices, cane juice, and dairy - but only sometimes!

Most of their pops are dairy-free; whether you want to avoid the lactose or have an allergy, you'll be able to get most of their flavors with or without dairy. In total, the Hyppo has over 450 of 'em - but they're not your usual combos.

A personal fave is blueberry lemon, they've got it - but their flavors get a bit bolder than that. Mango lovers can get multiple mango mixes including Mango Mojito, Mango Kiwi, and Mango Habenero. Or you can get more exotic and with Guava Peach or Dragon Fruit.

The list is seriously huge, we couldn't possibly put them all here - The best way to see a list anyway is to try'em all in the shop; it's seriously cute too with colorfully painted walls, pop culture references, and neon; yes, please!

If you wanna stock up for at home, you can even order them online, with or without dairy! Just as The Hyppo's mantra on their website says, "Fresh Fruit Matters". We're definitely getting us some.

The Hyppo

Address: 702 S Village Cir, Tampa, FL 33606

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday, 10am-10pmThursday-Saturday, 10am-11pm

Cuisine: Gourmet popsicles made with fresh fruits! Dairy-free options are also available.

Why you need to go: Some of the best gourmet popsicles of the Tampa Bay area - made using fresh fruits for the juiciest flavor. Dairy-free options are available for those who prefer to avoid lactose. Not your average run of the mill popsicle flavors either - try unique blends and flavors of fresh fruit and indulge all the sweetness.