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This Spot In St. Pete Transformed Into Hogwarts & Serves Harry Potter Inspired Drinks

You can Expecto Patron-us to show up for these magical treats until the end of October!

St. Pete has become somewhat of a mecca when it comes to bar & nightlife options, offering a little bit of everything from cozy chill spaces to nerdy havens and coastal gems. Now we magic fanatics can get a little taste of Hogwarts with Harry Potter inspired drinks at Beans & Barlour this month.

For the rest of October, Beans & Barlour have transformed their bar & sweets parlor with a swish & a flick into Hogwarts; you'll venture through platform 9 & 3/4s for boozy treats, some of which literally transform before your very eyes, like the magical Honey Dukes Wizard Sundae — a grape cotton candy wrapped martini made with a scoop of vodka infused bubblegum ice cream, topped out with a champagne pour & the cutest chocolate lightning bolt.

Of course, it wouldn't be the Wizarding World without a delicious glittery boozy Butterbeer, made with spiced rum, butterscotch, and whipped cream. You can also get a Hogsmeade flight, complete with a mini Butterbeer, chocolate frogs, lemon sorbet (a nod to Dumbledores favorite lemony candy) & a mini a cinnamon whiskey pumpkin pie.

The pumpkin pie also comes separately sitting a-top Madame Pomfrey's Pumpkin Juice.

Even Mad-Eye Moody found a spot on the themed menu with his sparkling Polyjuice potion, made with black tea & lychee honey, whiskey, orange, lychee pearls, and edible blue glitter.

Beans & Barlour spared no creative potions in crafting these boozy beverages & bites to whisk us away into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Grabbing your honey and going as Ron & Hermoine would make it a super cute Halloween date idea. You can Expecto Patron-us to be there, wands in the air! 

Beans & Barlour — Hogwarts Edition

Price: 💸💸-💸💸💸

Cuisine: Boozy milkshakes, sweets, and more. Until the end of October, you can indulge in magical Harry Potter inspired boozy beverages & bites.

Address: 538 1st Ave N, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701

Why You Need To Go: Some of the best boozy milkshakes and sweets in the St. Pete area; not to mention how cute their Harry Potter theme is for the rest of October. Travel past platform 9 & 3/4s, and get drinks like the Honeydukes Wizard Sundae that literally transforms before your eyes, sip butterbeer, munch on chocolate frogs and much more.

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