You Can Get An Entry-Level Job In Central Florida Paying About 60k A Year Right Now

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Jobs In Florida Include Nucor Steel Entry Level Openings Offering Nearly 60k Per Year

While they say money can't buy you happiness, it sure can take some of the stress off of day to day life. Currency covers everything you need from the clothes on your back to the food in your belly and the roof over your head. Those looking for jobs in Florida with competitive pay may want to consider looking into the open postings for Nucor's steel plant.

Nucor's currently constructing a new plant in the Polk County city of Frostproof on Highway 27, and developments are well underway. With this new plant comes new jobs, and there are multiple positions that need filling.

The company is currently seeking to fill positions by hiring 235 workers once it actually begins pumping out steel, with an expectation for that to start in the year's fourth quarter. Many of the positions offer nearly $60,000 a year for compensation.

They already have openings posted on their website, ranging from clerical work to maintenance electricians, millwrights, planners, and automation technicians — and not every position requires experience in the field.

In a statement provided to Bay News 9, the Nucor Florida controller, Corey Allain, encouraged entry-level workers without steel and manufacturing experience to apply. He went on to stress that they're seeking out talent that will work hard, smart, and safe with an affinity for problem-solving and teamwork.

Allain also said that the steel company's work would impact the Florida construction market, serving primarily the Orlando, Tampa, and Miami areas.

The plant will take metal scraps and repurpose them into rebar — reinforcing steel bars or a mesh of steel wires used to strengthen the structural integrity of concrete structures under tension.

Electric furnaces meltdown the steel scrap, which prevents their plants from having smokestacks that we see in older processing plants.

Nucor expects to produce upwards to 350,000 tons of this material each year. While this plant in Frostproof is new, Nucor has established about two dozen different plants across the country.

You can learn more about opportunities for work with Nucor and view job openings on their careers page here.