Another week survived, and another weekend to celebrate our survival. Sometimes we need a place to just zen-out and drink away our blues. If you're looking for your next weekend relaxation hangout and you need a little kava and kratom, Steep Station has an entire infused beverage menu to help you chill - bottoms up!

If you're not familiar with either, Kava is a tea made from the root and stems of a small shrub and has been used medicinally and as a part of spiritual ceremonies for over 3,000 years and Kratom is a plant relative to coffee and can trigger mild hallucinogenic effects similar to opiates.

Steep Station also offers other herb add-ins such as Maca, Rhodiola, and Damiana - which have been used medicinally for 3000 years as well to help with anxiety, depression, memory, immune system, and even libido. They have a little of everything from kava and kratom shells, to teas, coffees, and infused lemonades. If you're craving a soda you can try their Kava Soda on tap!

They even sell Cannabidiol products and have CBD infused teas. Cannabidiol is a derivative of the marijuana plant that gives you all the benefits, without making you feel high. It's commonly used for pain relief, anxiety, and appetite.

They're all completely legal, natural, and can be enjoyed recreationally like alcohol.

If you're looking for something to eat, Steep Station serves healthy snacks, wraps, and sandwiches - as well as the most eye-popping acai bowls we have ever seen. 

Aside from tasty bites and uplifting beverages, the entire space is super cozy yet modern - with a little earth-inspo in the wood accents & stone with pops of color. If you're feeling up to playing a game, try your hand at darts, ping pong, cornhole, or go big with a giant chess match; you can even bring your dog to chill with you on Wednesdays.

Everything about Steep Station in St. Pete from the food to the vibes will make it your new favorite weekend hangout.

Steep Station

Address: 2901 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9am-12amFriday 7am-2amSaturday 9am-2am

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Kava and Kratom infused coffees, teas, and lemonades; Various Kava herbs can be added for effects such as help with depression and anxiety, and immune system boosting. They also serve up sandwiches, wraps, and healthy snacks.

Why you need to go: Delicious healthy snacks in the cutest little space with cozy earthy vibes. They have an entire beverage menu dedicated to everything Kava and Kratom including teas, lemonade, coffee, and tropical drinks - with kava soda on tap and CBD infused teas! You can even play giant (or normal sized) chess, ping pong, or darts here. Delicious mild altering bevies, and a cool hangout.