Downtown Tampa is a little packed when it comes to the bar scene, and we're ready for a place that's a little more removed from that hustle and bustle. King State is a new cafe and bar coming to Tampa soon with the goal of being a welcoming space that anyone can enjoy.

When it comes to businesses, family owned is often king. Nate Young 32, and his brother in law Tim McTague came together to make the dream of their new bar, King State, a reality. Narcity spoke with Young about their new location to learn more about what King State will be bringing to Tampa - food, drink, vibes, and all.

What started as Nate and his brother roasting coffee together in their back yard, turned into a dream to give back to their hometown. After their coffee blew up online, now being enjoyed all around the world, Young and his brother knew it was time to step into that dream of a brick and mortar location - but they wanted it to be so much more than just a coffee shop.

After traveling across the U.S, the 32-year-old Young came to a realization that he wanted to bring something great back to his hometown - a bar with an inclusive and cozy feel, with their own personal stamp.

Young shared with Narcity that King State will be offering 16 different beers on tap, with half of them being made by their own brewer. You'll also be able to enjoy all those delicious southern foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but without bombing your gut.

"The menu is very southern comfort, but without being too heavy. We wanted to keep it light and simple, but still delicious."

Staying true to Young's southern roots, you'll find biscuits and gravy and grits on the breakfast menu. If you're looking at lunch or dinner, they'll have a Rueben and a BBQ Sandwich topped with a cool coleslaw on the menu as well. Even vegans and vegetarians will have options at King State. Young's little sister has taken over the food role.

Young says that he wants the bar to be like a home away from home for their guests. He doesn't want anyone to walk in and feel like they don't belong there.

"We don't want anyone to feel like it's too cool for them to be there. We want everyone to walk in and feel like they're a part of it, close-knit and cozy - it's all about the community," said Young

And the dream is coming true - King State is located just outside of downtown Tampa, tucked away in a cozy community in Tampa Heights. This 50s gas station turned bar on Floribraska Ave has turned into the newest hangout spot for everyone to enjoy.

"I want my parents to be able to come in and feel like they can chill, but also my friends - everyone. We want it to be a cozy spot for everyone to just come, hang out, have a good time and be their most authentic selves. We want everyone to come and feel cooler when they leave." says Young.

As of publication, Young expects the bar to open on June 21st, with discussions for a soft opening happening beforehand. Whether you're a coffee fanatic, love a good brew on tap, like to sip a glass of fine wine, are drooling over barbeque sandwiches, or prefer to keep it vegan - King State will be a spot for you and for everyone too.

You can get a sneak peek of King State's new bar below.

King State

Location: 520 E Floribraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603 in Tampa Heights, right outside of downtown.

When will it open: An official date has not been decided yet - the current estimated date as of publication provided by Nate is June 21st, 2019. They may do a soft opening before-hand, so be sure to keep an eye out on their Instagram page for updates.

Hours: They currently anticipate their hours being all day long; Starting with 9am-11pm, eventually moving to 7am-12am on weekdays and 7am-1am on weekends. Hours may be subject to change.

Menu: Southern comfort foods that won't completely bomb your gut; delicious and simple that will remind you of home, including biscuits and gravy, grits, and sandwiches. 16 different beers will be on tap, half of which made by their very own brewer, as well as a wine - of course, their signature King State Coffee will also be available. Vegan and Vegetarian options as well.

Why you need to go: A cozy chill space that's perfect for everyone; Be your most authentic self while you enjoy the bold flavor of their coffee and tasty on tap brews, half of which are made by their very own brewer. The bar is tucked away in a cozy community in Tampa Heights, so you won't have to worry about all that hustle and bustle of the city; still close to downtown if you needed to hit up DT Tampa before or after hanging out.