Ahh, the man-bun; an ever-popular hairstyle among men everywhere right now. You either love 'em or you hate 'em, there's no in-between — and apparently someone who frequents an LA Fitness in Tampa REALLY hates them according to a hilarious Reddit post.

Some people can't let anyone enjoy anything; in a photo captured by Redditor, u/Rollins10, an anonymous & angry sign-hanger took the time to print out a plain text sign in giant font that looks like it was made in Microsoft Word seriously sh*t-talking men who wear their hair in a man-bun. 

If you aren't familiar with what they look like (or you just think dudes with buns are spicy AF) check out this dude's man bun. They come in all shapes and sizes, up-dos or down-dos, messy or clean.

The post reads, "As seen at LA Fitness", followed by a photograph of the mildly-offense and passive-aggressive (or is this directly aggressive? We aren't too sure..) sign.

 You can see the photo of the sign below.

from tampa

What beef does this gym-goer have with man buns? Maybe someone with the up-do hurt them at one point in their lives. One commenter suggested he might be a "40+ guy who’s suffering from hair loss and testosterone injections.", and a couple more added their bets.

Some said they'd love to rock the do themselves; one Redditor decided to take this insult and sprinkle in his dash of positivity responding, "Nice man bun to you too, good sir!" We like this guy.

Some think there may have been a mistake, suggesting that it was a typo and should have read "NiceMan Bun [from] -Douche Bag". Another believes he's simply jealous.

from tampa

Whether you're for or against da' buns, can we agree that we're living for these comments?

The sign was found posted up in the parking garage for the LA Fitness located at 301 S Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa according to the original poster. I guess we know what kind of people might hit up this gym. We wonder if it's still there, and if so, how long it'll stay hangin'.

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