Lizzo Literally Just Got A Shake Made In Her Honor At This Tampa Bakery

Lizzo Literally Just Got A Shake Made In Her Honor At This Tampa Bakery

It's no secret that Lizzo is 100% that bitch — but apparently, she's also 100% that shake; Tampa bakery Bake n Babes recently teamed up with local bakery, Petey Cake to create a limited-time Lizzo shake, and it looks freakin' AMAZING.

We know how much we love us some Lizzo — and even better that she's coming to the Yuengling Center in Tampa on the 10th. The Shake was crafted to celebrate the "Qween" coming to The Bay, but it can almost double as an edible award — considering the bad bitch herself recently hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her hit "Truth Hurts". Git it, girl!

The crazy delicious shake's base is a fruity pebble cereal milk-milkshake topped with cotton candy, a rainbow lollipop, cupcake, a Lizzo funfetti sugar cookie — oh and a sparkler, because why the F not right? We don't mind carpe-ing that diem.

Apparently people are begging to get Lizzo down to The Hall on Franklin to try it too. 

In an Instagram post, user Painkillercam called for his followers to get the word out, calling for fans to snag a photo of the shake from his page or @a_riled_writer and share with the hashtag #lizzofreakshake, tagging her in the post to grab her attention. We wonder if she's seen the posts yet?

You can definitely tell that Petey Cakes put love into making the sugar cookies too — the frosting work likeness of her is pretty uncanny and we would LOVE to see her reaction to the over the top treat.

You can see the full post made by Painkillercam below.

The limited-time shake will be holdin' us down until Sept. 10, which means we might be in luck for a second freak shake this month.

Each month Bake n Babes rolls out a new limited Freakshake, and yes — all of them are as delicious and over the top as Lizzos; such as a previous S'mores Campfire Freakshake — one limited shake even came with a little flamingo inflatable and was too adorable.

We just might have to go get us one, but even if we don't manage to snag one, we definitely hope Lizzo at least pops in for one. It is her Freakshake after all! 

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