Lizzo Tried Her Own Tampa Freak Shake On The Last Day It Existed (VIDEO)

Ya ya yee!
Lizzo Tried Her Own Tampa Freak Shake On The Last Day It Existed (VIDEO)

On Sept. 1, Bake n' Babes released a limited time Lizzo shake that was 100% that shake that we all needed in our lives — almost as much as we need her and her confident and catchy bops. Yesterday was the last day to snag the shake, and Lizzo actually showed up to try it.

We were wondering if she would answer the call after Instagram user Painkillercam called for his followers to get the word out, asking fans to snag a photo of the shake from his page or @a_riled_writer and share with the hashtag #lizzofreakshake. Thankfully she did, and the videos she posted of her with the freak shake are adorably priceless.

She first took to her story, posting a video of her holding the shake, singing "My Milkshake" by Kelis; you know the bop, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours. You're damn right Lizzo, your over-the-top shake brought all of us to the yard, or rather, The Hall on Franklin. We think we might need a full Lizzo cover of this song now.

She posted a few more videos of her with the shake, one of her fresh-faced and smiling as she sang her hit "Juice" into the inflatable mic that came with it was posted both to her story and timeline. You can see the full video below.

We aren't the only ones stoked that Lizzo blessed us with a stop at Tampa's Bake n Babes, but many fans of the bakery were too, tagging the singer in a series of story posts celebrating her popping in. We have nothin' but love for Lizzo in The Bay.

Not only did she snag her shake, but she also put on a show at the Yuengling Center, which completely sold out — not to mention the venue had already been changed once from St. Pete's Jannus Live due to demand. She rocked the stage with her #1 hit "Truth Hurts", even posting videos of the high energy crowd singing the tune back to her on her stories. One guy in the footage had on his very own veil and sunglasses.

While her song says the truth hurts, sometimes it's not so bad; the truth, we're all obsessed with Lizzo and her independent and confident bad bitch vibes. You go, girl.

While yesterday was the last day to snag the Lizzo freak shake, Bake n' Babes are known to release a new limited-time one each month, like the previous campfire stoked s'mores. Since the Lizzo shake only stayed around for a little while, we might be in luck for another limited shake this month. Maybe we'll stop in and grab us one, too bad we didn't go yesterday to see Lizzo.

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