There's no doubt that the Orchid is one flower that is highly sought after for its beauty, but it isn't one you'll find a good selection of at your normal grocery store flower section or even your average florist. If you're looking to surprise your boo or gift a friend with an orchid, you'll want to check out Louis Del Favero Orchids in Tampa.

This hidden greenhouse is tucked away down a dirt side road in Tampa and specializes in providing the most stunning selection of orchids, and they have a little bit of everything. With thousands of gorgeous blooms coming in different sizes, species, and color across 2 large warehouse spaces - you'll be oohing and ahhing at your selection. It's a surprisingly beautiful place to take photos too!

If you want a hanging orchid for your porch or window, they've got you covered; if you're looking for the most darling little potted orchid for your desk, they have those too. As you wander through the greenhouse you'll be surrounded by lush greenery and bursts of color that will satisfy your floral dreams.

Many reviews of Del Favero say that they were almost overwhelmed with the sheer amount of available selection, but that the owners are extremely friendly and helpful in helping you find the best orchid for you.

But what about price? Orchids aren't usually cheap, but many reviews for Del Favero Orchids say that the prices were surprisingly affordable for the sheer amount of color and variety you can choose from. 

Wander in and go home with a beautiful basket for your BFF, or simply wander the warehouse's lush jungle of flowers for the perfect selfie - taking in the beauty every step of the way.

Louis Del Favero Orchids

Price: 💸-💸💸

Hours: 9am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday

Address: 6601 Gant Rd, Tampa, FL 33625

Why you need to go: A stunning floral oasis filled to the brim with a variety of orchid options. Whether you want to hang them in your home or gift a potted orchid to a loved one, their selection is seriously beautiful - you'll feel like you're exploring a mini tropical jungle while you shop for your flowers. Different species of orchid bloom at different times of the year, so what you have to choose from will vary.