"A colorful, lawless swamp", that's how Michael Scott described the Sunshine State in the relatable AF show The Office; most of us fans get a kick out of the line because we know just how true that is — we don't have a radio segment called "Florida or Not Florida" for nothing, not to mention the Florida Man headlines that surface on the daily. A map of Tampa Bay making some snap judgments has popped up on Reddit, and it's actually pretty hilarious.

Redditor u/yelpisforsnitches shared the map made by judgementalmaps.com of the entire Tampa Bay area, but instead of your usual cities, roadways, and landmarks, we see quips & sayings that make assumptions about everything under the sun; the good, the bad, & the ugly.

The entire map is littered with hilarious, ridiculous, and in some cases downright rude, assumptions. In Tampa itself, you see a little bit of everything; from "Great Airport" to "Rich People", "Bars", "Polluted Water", & "Hookers" — the longer you look at this map you see something new, it's pretty freaking fantastic. Even the interstates get nicknames like "The scary interstate of death." You can see the full map below.



The posts header asks the real question we're all wondering: Is it "Accurate"? Most of the commenters from the Bay seem to think so. Some even went as far as to say that the map is "scary accurate", including the "Ghetto hookers" & "Scientologists".

Knowing that it's mostly accurate makes this map even more hilarious. One commenter REALLY owned their area too, calling for official recognition by Florida's map-making authority. #noshame.

Tampa's "great airport" was a fan favorite. One person even mentioned how they literally saw flamingos in the airport one time. Does it get more Floridian than that?

But not everyone was happy with the map, after all —not everything can be 100% accurate; many commenters calling out the inaccuracies. Apparently St. Pete Beach really doesn't have the best seafood, but they do have a pretty cool hidden rooftop bar that literally spins to give you panoramic views of The Bay, that's gotta count for something right?

Some people said that the map was missing something or needed an update, like covering all the Bostonites that live in "Palm Haabaah" saying things like "Wicked Pissaaahhhh".

Being able to laugh at yourself & having a sense of humor about life is one of life's simple pleasures. Whether you're a local who can agree with the map or simply someone looking to find yet another reason other than Florida Man to laugh at Florida, most of us can agree that accurate or not, this is absolutely hilarious.

Not everything about Tampa is lawless, but it sure is colorful —there's a lot of cool stuff to do in Tampa Bay. Sarasota is home to a HUGE indoor inflatable theme park with a rail coaster, sea-side tiki bars with breathtaking views, and will even see The World's Biggest Inflatable Outdoor Adult Theme Park come to town next month. Tampa itself has tons of awesome hidden gems too, like these 6 hidden bars, a secret spooky gothic antique shop for your inner witch, and the aquarium in Tampa has an interactive jellyfish exhibit

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