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This Tampa Sushi Restaurant Has Sushi Donuts, Pizza & Corn Dogs

It’s no secret that sushi and pizza are some of our favorite foods, but who'd have thought that we would ever be able to eat both tasty treats at once? This extra-yummy double trouble cooking style is now more than possible for Floridians to experience right in the middle of Tampa. As of last week, this groundbreaking new sushi joint is serving some of the wildest culinary creations, including sushi pizza, sushi donuts and sushi corn dogs.

Poke Burri is an Atlanta classic that is quickly spreading across the country. The restaurant is famous for its quirky menu, which has delicious Asian fusion treats with funky names, like the "KungFu-rrito" sushi burrito. 

Most of the menu is "build-your-own," so you can pile your favorite foods on top of wild bases like a pizza roll, a burrito or even a donut.

This means that you can literally be the chef of your own, special fusion creation. Grab your squad, your co-workers or your bae, and let your imaginations run wild — you can now eat some of the craziest foods that you only ever dreamed about.

The best part is that prices are totally reasonable, with sushi burritos going at $11 and sushi donuts selling at just $6. That's super cheap for one of the most unique treats that you'll ever try!

For the folks who think that sushi pizza is just a little too weird, Poke Burri still offers some more typical fare, like their Crispy Veggie Spring Rolls and Fresh Salmon Poke Bowls.

This means that you can enjoy the tasty treats that you love while snapping absurd photos of your BFFs as they stuff their faces with some of the funkiest foods.

If you thought that this new spot couldn't be more unique, the Tampa location is the only Poke Burri that is open six days a week, instead of only five.

This means that you can get all of the sushi that you could possibly stuff into your stomach Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

That's a lot of food!

Whether you are trying to eat something totally out-of-this-world, or you just want to check out one of the city's newest sushi joints, this spot is the perfect place to dine in and pig out.

Gather your whole squad, your bae, or whoever is down to see something crazy, and enjoy a meal that is unique in every way. 

Poke Burri Tampa

Price: It depends on how much you eat!

Location: 4034 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL

Why You Need To Go: This is one of the newest, trendiest spots in town, because you'll literally be able to dream up something wild and then immediately eat it. How can you say no to that?


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