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Swimming To Keep Cool In Florida Will Be A Thing Of The Past When This Outdoor Snow Park Is Finished

When we think Florida, we certainly don't think snow, but wouldn't it be nice if we could just do as the song says and let it snow every now and again? We may need to purchase some snow pants in the near future because plans for a new outdoor winter snow park have been approved in Pasco County. 

While it won't be like the North Pole where the snowy season seems to never end, it might be nice to experience a little "change of season" here in Florida. Public meetings were held before county commissioners, who unanimously approved the construction after some public discussion.

The snowpark is expected to run a maximum of 120 days a year, as long as the temperature stays below 80 degrees. In the cooler months, it will have a huge hill for snow tubing with a ramp that can be up to 300 feet long and 200 feet wide - and if you've never been before, it's one of the most fun things EVER. A snow play area for makin' snow angels, snowmen, and other snow activities are also a part of the plan.

If you've been to Treehoppers in Dade City before, where they have lit-up obstacle courses and music at night, then you'll know where this new snow park will be built. The outdoor Florida winter wonderland will be just west of it on an adjacent lot. We might already have a girl's snow trip planned.

The park will be set back 400 feet from Bellamy Brothers Boulevard, using St. Joe Road as the sole entrance and exit - a series of 6-foot cedar trees will be planted between the park and Mainstreet as a buffer, to maintain the rural feel in the area the residents know and love.

Now the construction phase can begin; while we won't be seeing our winter wonderland by this winter, the target for opening is 2020. The business will bring people to the Pasco area, as well as provide seasonal job opportunities for those ready to put on their snow gear in the Bay Area.

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