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This Tampa Pizza Joint Has 'Adult Kits' With Beer That Let You Craft Your Own 'Za At Home

The adult take-home kit includes 2 bottled brews, but there are vegan and gluten-free options too!
Pizza Place In Tampa Gourmet Pizza Company Offers DIY Take Home Kits With Beer

Pizza — the ultimate unofficial weekend meal of champions. Getting the exact crispness of crust you want doesn't always happen when you order out though, leaving you wishing that you made the pie yourself as you pop it back into the oven to toast to perfection. If you've ever wanted to make your own 'za, now would be the perfect time to hone your skills while practicing your social distancing at home; and this pizza place in Tampa can help you do just that.

A new offering from The Gourmet Pizza Company, you can choose from 4 different D.I.Y. take-home kits that come with everything you need to craft the perfect pie.

The standard pizza package runs for $20 and includes 2, 10-inch doughs for you to shape, 16 ounces of sauce and cheese, as well as 8 ounces of pepperoni for you to pop on top. Feel free to get creative, not all pies have to be round!

If pepperoni just isn't your jam though, other meat and veggie substitutions are allowed, or you can go for the adult kit.

You'll have all the ingredients in the same quantities as the standard version, except you'll have your choice of topping in place of the pepperoni.

While you wait for your pizza to bake, you can sip on the 2 bottled brews included with the adult-kit purchase. Or wait until it's done and throw your favorite show on the t.v. — pizza, beer, and Netflix are one of the best combos after all.

Those who often opt out of the 'za game because you're vegan or eating gluten-free, the Gourmet Pizza Company has kits for you too. The gluten-free pack comes with the same ingredients as the standard version, but with a gluten-free crust instead.

The vegan kit will also include the same ingredients as past options, with vegan mozzarella and your choice of up to 8 ounces of veggies.

The adult, vegan, and gluten-free kits run for $25 each. The basic DIY Pie package can be ordered for both pickup and delivery through their website.

Whether you're wanting to learn how to spin dough like a pro or simply need a fun and hands-on thing to do at home alone or with the kiddos, these kits got you covered.

If making your own pies doesn't sound like fun, The Gourmet Pizza Company in Tampa is still open, operating under CDC guidelines.

Don't want to go in for pick up? Deliveries can be placed on The Gourmet Pizza Company's website or you can order on Uber Eats with free local delivery.

Tampa Pizza Company Take-Home Pizza Kits

Price: $20 to $25 depending on your kit

Address: 610 S Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33609

Why You Need One: Craft the perfect pizza pie at home with a DIY kit. The adult package even includes 2 brews!

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