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You Can Get The Best 100% Plant Based Organic Ice Cream At This Parlor In St. Pete

They even have CBD infused flavors that rotate throughout the season!
You Can Get The Best 100% Plant Based Organic Ice Cream At This Parlor In St. Pete

There's nothing quite like a creamy sweet treat in the summer to satisfy your sweet tooth and beat that heat. If you're in need of a healthy, ethical alternative to milk-based ice cream, Plant Love Ice Cream in St. Pete has vegan dairy free ice cream.

Plant Love Ice Cream serves 100% all vegan ice cream - and they mean it. No dairy or animal products what-so-ever, that includes honey. They handcraft their creamy treats in house using coconut milk as a base, sweetening with organic raw cane sugar.

Plant Love takes their dedication for a clean ice cream seriously, they don't even use artificial colors or flavorings - and their range of flavors are broad, fresh, and sweet!

You can keep it classic with their Queen Vanilla Bean or a Divine Chocolate, or you can go more bold with their Matcha ice cream or rich and chocolatey with the Mint Fudge Brownie. If you aren't sure what to get, get an ice cream flight and pick multiple flavors!

They're always rotating the flavors they offer, as well as working to craft new flavors for you to try. You can even choose to make your ice cream into an ice cream sammie with cookies from the local Valhalla Bakery, which are offered at their shop.

When your ice cream is made fresh using organic ingredients, and you can make it into an ice cream sandwich, it can't get much better than that...or can it? Plant Love also has ice cream infused with 15mg of CBD, supplied from another local business, SumitrA Espresso Lounge. The infused flavors rotate throughout the seasons as well.

Whether you're vegan or not, this cute little ice cream shop will blow your mind with their 100% plant-based ice cream, you may just quit dairy ice cream for good!

Plant Love Ice Cream

Location: 953 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Hours: 1pm-11pm Tuesday through Friday, 11am-11pm on Saturday, 11am-9pm on Sunday; closed Mondays.

Why you need to go: 100% plant-based ice cream with a variety of flavors, all handcrafted in house with raw and organic ingredients. Upgrade your ice cream into an ice cream cookie sandwich if you're feeling and extra strong sweet craving. Tons of flavors to choose from, so if you can't choose, go with a flight and pick 5 flavors.

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