There's A Secret Authentic Ramen & Japanese Eatery Hidden Underground In St. Pete

You'll feel like you wandered off the streets of St. Pete and straight into an Izayaka!
Restaurants In Florida Include Hidden Asian Eatery Ichicoro Ane St. Petersburg

From Cajun creations to German fare, there is no shortage of delicious restaurants in Florida to take your palate for a journey around the world. Sometimes though, the best spots aren't in plain sight, even hiding in unexpected places — like this Asian eatery hidden in a St. Pete.

From first glance, it appears to be a classic unassuming white building across from Merril Lynch Wealth Management, but once you're in front of it, you'll notice an inlet that leads you to a set of stairs adorned with a neon sign leading you into the underground.

It's here that you'll find local haunt Ichicoro Ane, a restaurant hidden beneath the hustle and bustle of St. Pete's streets that whisks you away to an Izayaka — a relaxed Japanese bar.

You'll almost forget you're in Florida.

With dim lighting, wooden accents, Asian-inspired artistry on the walls, and a neon-red underlit bar matching the entrance's sign, the secret chill spot vibe resonates throughout the room.

You can even find a whole hallway covered with cute anime-style imagery, including characters you know and love like Hello Kitty, Pikachu, and Sailor Moon that you can snap a pic in for the 'Gram.

Awesome vibe aside, it's what all you can eat here that are the true stars of the show.

Whether you're a fan of appetizers, small plates, or getting a big phat bowl of noods, there's a little something here for everyone.

One of their most famous dishes: the mouthwatering bowls of ramen.

Enjoy the vegetarian Mushroom ramen, go vegan with a Beyond Meat Miso, or satisfy all of your savory meaty cravings with the brothless Spicy Abura Soba — made with grilled pork belly, applewood smoked bacon, poached egg, shiitake mushrooms, scallion, ginger tempura, sesame, chili oil, and habakoshō.

Other than oodles of noodles, you can also get meat and veggie skewers, Donburi (rice bowls) piled with toppings and small appetizer style plates with munchable meals like fried octopus and steamed buns.

Those with a larger appetite can also indulge in an Ichi-Burger or a Fried Pork Sandwich. Pair your bites with a boozy house Sake or specialty cocktail and end with a dessert custard if you've got a sweet tooth.

Whether you're looking for someplace new to eat or simply wanna nom on some noods, Ichicoro Ane is definitely worth checking out.

Ichicoro Ane

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Ramen and Japanese-style small plates.

Address: 260 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL

Why You Need To Go: Hidden in the basement level of a St. Pete building, this local haunt serves up delicious ramen, Japanese style meal, and cocktails in a chill atmosphere.

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