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You Can Get Those International Snacks You've Been Wanting At This Market Cafe Near Tampa

The perfect place for a flavor vacation - explore exotic foods, fruits, and snacks!

Almost every foodie loves to try new things - whether it's something familiar or more foreign. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try something new, you can buy and try exotic treats at this food market near Tampa. SJs Market In Dunedin, Florida offers exotic international foods and candy that you won't be able to find anywhere else. 

Everyone knows that other countries seem to have the best snacks, but going overseas just to snack seems a little pricy. Thankfully, SJs Market in Dunedin Florida lets you get tastes from around the world without ever leaving the Sunshine State.

It's a great place to go hunting for weird snacks or fruits that you've never had before, or pick up those special flavor Kit-Kats that Japan's known for hoarding! From Asian and Middle Eastern foods and drinks to African and Carribean snacks - they have something for every snack food junkie to explore at SJs Market.

They also have a Thai Cafe, where you can try delicious Thai dishes - including soups, curries, fried (or not fried) rice plates. They grow their own herbs and spices that they use in their dishes, keeping things fresh and delicious. All dishes are made fresh daily by the owner and his son.

SJs Market even has desserts for those with a sweet tooth, such as fried banana wontons, their seasonal sweet mango sticky rice, or Thai rolled ice cream that's made fresh to order! If you're trying to stick to your healthy diet, they also have fresh fruit smoothies and boba tea available.

"The Thai Cafe is closed for the month of June for a family vacation - but will reopen after we from their trip. We're also in the process of updating their website for ease of use" said owners Som & Joe of SJ's International. According to their current website, they're always working on ways to improve the guest experience with new snacks, food, and customer experiences.

If you're looking to expand your cooking capabilities, every Saturday they offer FREE Thai cooking classes from 11:30 am to 1 pm - you just have to sign up in advance by calling the number listed on their website.

Whether you're here for the snacks, drinks, or meals, this place is the perfect foreign flave-cation for Floridians looking for a tasty adventure.

SJs International Market

Location: 1108 Overcash Dr. Dunedin FL 34698

Hours: 9am-6pm Monday through Saturday, 11am-5pm on Sundays. Thai Cafe closed for the month of June.

Why you need to go: Enriching your life by trying new things is a must, and what better way than with foreign foods? If you're already very food cultured and have a favorite foreign treat, they probably have it here for you to stock up on (dibs on the Japanese Kit-Kats!) - if not, request it and they'll try to get it in for you! Delicious and healthy fruit smoothies available, Boba tea to come, and fresh made Thai Food at the cafe using their own freshly grown herbs and spices. They even offer FREE Thai cooking classes every Saturday with advance sign up if you're looking to expand your cooking abilities.