This Secret Speakeasy In Tampa Will Make You Feel Like You're In A Real Haunted Mansion

A mini gothic mansion hole in the wall of a bar fit for the queen Wednesday Addams herself.
This Secret Speakeasy In Tampa Will Make You Feel Like You're In A Real Haunted Mansion

Florida is home to some of the coolest haunted spots around, but the best ones are often hidden. This little speakeasy tucked away within another restaurant is a bit more paranormal than the rest: The Spookeasy Kava Lounge feels like a haunted mansion fit for Wednesday Addams herself - and all spirits are welcome. 

Tampa is home to the coolest and most mysterious mini haunted mansion that gives some mega gothic millionaire vibes. To enter this ghost of a speakeasy you'll have to find it within another restaurant. You simply walk into The Stone Soup Company and head upstairs - look for the black bookcase. Your secret entrance to all of the best spirits lies just behind it.

Inside you'll find a rich textured red room with the most spine chilling decor and jet black accents. The entire space is really regal with gothic wall sconces, dangling exquisite crystal chandeliers, and plush black leather seatings fit for a Queen or King like yourself. They have some really unique design elements, like the ouija board table, perfect for you to set your spirits while you conjure spirits.

The entire place is incredibly Insta-worthy and will fill your feed with the most bewitching magic. Check out the black magic of this enchanting spookeasy below:

via The Spookeasy Loungevia The Spookeasy Lounge

This video below gives you a view of the whole place as one cohesive place and it's seriously beautiful, you'd have to see it to believe it.

On the walls, you'll also find beautiful images that have a classic renaissance painting vibe - but they're no ordinary works of art. The eyes follow you, some will shh you, and others will rot and decay right before your eyes.

While the shifting eyes of the painting images follow you and really brings alive the haunted feel, this place may actually be haunted. In a Youtube video, the owners claim they have the only Haunted Kava lounge in Ybor City and have reported experiencing some unexplained things here - such as glasses flying across the bar, things unexpectedly falling off shelves, and water turning on by itself and flooding the downstairs. 

They even serve their beverages in crystal clear skull heads that really ties this witchy gothic mansion together. You can sip on their full liquor bar selection or revive yourself after a particularly soul-crushing work week with some mind-altering kava or kratom that's sure to lift your spirits.

If you're not familiar with either, Kava is a tea made from the root and stems of a small shrub and has been used medicinally and as a part of spiritual ceremonies for over 3,000 years and Kratom is a plant relative to coffee and triggers mild hallucinogenic effects similar to opiates. Both are completely legal and can be enjoyed recreationally like alcohol.

If you're ready to raise your spirits and speak with the dead, The Spookeasy Lounge is upstairs inside of The Stone Soup Company located at 1919 East 7th Ave Tampa, FL 33605. This booze-some bar is open 12 pm - 9 pm Sunday - Thursday and Friday & Saturday from 12 pm - 12 am.

For more information about The Spookeasy Lounge, check out their website here.

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