The Largest Waterfront Park In Florida Is Opening This May

Like St. Pete's very own version of Central Park!
St. Pete Pier Will Be Florida's Largest Waterfront Park And It's Opening This May

Florida is always pushing the bar of how we interact with the natural world, how we coexist with the amazing flora and fauna that we share the Sunshine State with and the experiences that make Florida a place to call home. The addition of the brand new St. Pete Pier is about to do just that, taking what we perceive piers to be to a whole new level. Three years and some construction delays later, the official opening date is Saturday, May 30 — and it’s sure to be an experience to remember.

Spanning 26 acres, the new pier will be the largest waterfront park in the Southeast. The 100-year-old Museum of History sits at the opening, which you’ll definitely want to hit on your walkthrough, opening up to reveal a large open-air market with solar panel roofing.

Beyond the market lies a beautiful park, where the waterfront peaks through lush leafy trees. Towering art sculptures will dot the park from both local and international artists. You’ll also find a $1 million playground amongst some places to grab a bite to eat, and the end of the pier offers a café and rooftop tiki bar.

With an amazing view of downtown St. Pete, this pier is shaping up to be something like Florida’s version of Central Park.

Besides the obvious man-made attractions, there are tons of ways to get in touch with nature around the pier too.

The Discovery Center and Wet Classroom will offer hands-on lectures about marine life, and you can also check out the fishing deck, and even go kayaking and swimming.

You can walk your way around the whole 26 acres or rent some bikes, get a team together for beach volleyball, and also learn about natural Florida on different ecotours. 

St. Petersburg has been around since the late 1800s, and with its position on Florida’s Gulf Coast, it’s no stranger to maritime ways and lots and lots of piers.

Some attempts at new and exciting concepts have thrived over the years, while others have not.

However, it’s safe to say that none have ever attempted quite the scale that the St. Pete Pier is set to be. Whether you're a nature buff or in it for the rooftop bar and ways to play, the new pier will have a place for everyone.

St. Pete Pier

When: Opening May 30, 2020

Address: 800  N.E. Second Ave., Saint Petersburg, FL

Why You Need To Go: The king of all piers is about to debut, and you'll definitely want to set aside a day to explore it all!

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