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A Massive Steampunk Festival Is Happening In Florida This Month

You can even learn how to craft your own steampunk gear here!
A Massive Steampunk Festival Is Happening In Florida This Month

Gadgets, gears, and gizmos galore - accessories with vintage Victorian charm became the look and style we know as Steampunk. Those with an affinity for vintage beauty with rustic charm can attend a massive traveling Steampunk festival happening in Tampa this month.

Enter Aethertopia, an event for the Steampunk enthusiast. At this indoor and airconditioned event, you'll wander the halls of Aethertopia - a nomadic Steampunk city that houses the 7 makers guilds across 7 districts, each offering something different crafted in the Steampunk Style. 

As you visit each district, you'll vote for your favorites. Your votes will help decide who earns bragging rights as the ultimate guild of legend - also known as the People's Choice Award. 3 celebrity judges will also be wandering the plaza looking for their choice as top dog.

Aethertopia is like no other event ever held in the Steampunk universe. In addition to artist presentations, musicians, writers, and actors of all kinds, you will also have the opportunity to attend symposiums and workshops to help you advance your own creative endeavors as a Steampunk crafter at the Clockyard!

There will be tools and supplies of all sorts at the Clockyard including hardware, gears, toy parts, containers, casings, cables, conduits, lighting fixtures… you name it. You can use all of this under the supervision of an expert crafter, who will help you make your own unique gear and trinkets. Those who purchase the Ultimate Pass get their hands on all the goodies first!

Overall, the entire event is highly interactive, with everyone in attendance being a part of the atmosphere and experience. Aethertopia even has it's own E-book story, which is included with the purchase of specific ticket packages. Time to whip out that perfectly crafted steampunk cosplay of your favorite videogame character!

Some events carry over into both days, so be sure to lock down a 2-day ticket if you want to experience it all and get the e-book. You can customize your visit with a variety of ticket combinations and add-ons.

Whether you plan to attend both days or not, you'll want to lace up your corset and get a ticket to attend the Steampunk Ball and Banquet held Saturday evening. Celebrate an immersive and amazing experience with a lift of your pinky and a tip of your top hat.


When: Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th; doors open at 10 am both days. How late you stay depends on which ticket you go with; Saturday runs as late as 8 pm if you attend the banquet and balls, Sunday runs until 3 pm.

Where: Florida State Fairgrounds Entertainment Hall - 4800 U.S. Highway 301 North Tampa, Florida 33610

Price: Total cost will depend on what all you're going for - Ticket prices range from $39 for a 1-day pass to $119 for a 2-day pass. Tickets are available for advanced purchase on their website. Parking is $10 on site, cash only. Students, military personnel, and seniors meeting requirements may be eligible for discount. 

Why you need to go: An awesome all day event where you can shop for the most unique handmade steampunk gear. Par-take in classes and workshops on steampunk crafting in a variety of categories to learn how to make your own steampunk goodies. Get fancy with a fine dining experience at the Aether Banquet, or don your finest dress at the Aether Ball - like a steampunk Cinderella.


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