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This Tampa Dessert Shop Is Now Serving CBD Infused Donuts

A fresh donut and coffee in the morning are every 9 to 5er's pick me up. With all the insane options already available at Dough, it's only fitting that they added something new to the menu - and it's the best thing ever.

Dough in Tampa has expanded their menu to include cannabidiol infused donuts to ease away your work week stresses. Not only will you get your sugar fix, but the CBD in your donut can help ease your nerves. It may just be a perfect treat to grab if you happen to be nervous about asking for that raise you've been working all year for.

To start, they only have 2 flavors available - Acai coconut and matcha honeycomb. The Goji Berry Coconut flavor is slathered in acai berry vanilla fondant icing, sprinkled with freeze-dried goji berries, and coconut shavings. The Matcha Honeycomb CBD doughnut has a sheet of vanilla fondant icing and is topped off with honeycomb toffee pieces. They both sound absolutely scrumptious!

According to News Channel 8, A spokesman for Datz and Dough says their team is already working on more doughnut flavors, beverages, and other items that include CBD. Cocktails infused with CBD are already in the works at Datz, their sister company, the spokesman says, but no timeline or additional information is available on those yet. We're excited to see what they come up with.

If you aren't familiar with CBD - CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from cannabis but has low levels of THC. Due to low THC content, CBD provides the medicinal benefits of marijuana without getting you high but can help ease pain and anxiety. If you aren't down for that, that's okay; Dough has a wide selection of crazy doughnuts and whimsical sweet treats to choose from. They even have doughnut cones for ice cream. You can see some of their other insane treats available below:

If you're ready to try some of the most trippy sweet creations, The CBD doughnuts are available now at Dough's South MacDill Avenue location at 2602 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33629. The doughnuts are $6 each. You can get a sugary bite as early as 7 am Monday-Friday and 8 am on Saturday and Sunday.

For more photos and full details on hours of operation check out their website here.

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