So many times you've watched Clueless and Friends. Now is time to take a trip down memory lane in the coolest bar opening in Central Florida. Gen-X tavern is opening in Tampa soon with an 80' and 90's inspired theme.

This tavern will bring the best mix of great food and good times to your party. This retro bar is scheduled to open this week and is a celebration to all your 90's ad 80's favorite shows and pop culture. Gen-X Tavern looks to bring back the retro vibe from yesteryear with a modern twist. Even though this tavern is catered to the generation Xers, everyone is welcome. 

According to Daily Commercial, Gen X Tavern will bring back the AOL lifestyle with servers who will wear screen names as their name tags. The tavern will also display an entire wall of the best 90's memorabilia and offer a delectable menu of burgers, fries, and tacos. 

If you're looking to revive your childhood and high-school memories, this tavern will make you feel young again. 

The 150-seat tavern will also feature retro arcade games such as skeeball machines and Nintendo games. Also, you'll be able to retrieve back a favorite blockbuster from their VHS collection. 

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Gen X will be everything you dreamed off back in the days. It doesn't matter if you didn't have it back then because you'll have it now. The tavern will feature contemporary cocktails such as the The New Whiskey Sour which is a classic throwback cocktail remixed with maple syrup and topped with cinnamon.

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Gen X is located at 103 East Jackson St. Tampa and they are open late. For more information click here.