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Tampa Is Turning Every Shade Of Rainbow For Pride Month (PHOTOS)

The most colorful rainbow display all across the Bay.
Tampa Is Turning Every Shade Of Rainbow For Pride Month (PHOTOS)

In a sea of twinkling lights, we all oo and ah at the beauty; add in some color and we're absolutely enamored. No matter what you support, almost everyone loves rainbow. Tampa is lit up all rainbow this June in celebration of Pride Month.

As you wander the streets of downtown Tampa this June, you're going to see a whole lot of color lighting up our streets. From building fronts to bridges to palm trees there will be rainbow everywhere all month.

A few places you can admire every color of the rainbow are The Riverwalk, The Old City Hall, The Fountain, and the palm trees near the Glazer Children's Museum. You may find more as you wander around town too. Check out a few rainbow clad shots from around Tampa this month below.

According to the City of Tampa, the entire city is lit up regularly at The Riverwalk, palms, and fountain. They usually loop through different colors throughout the year for a beautiful display while you're out and about, but are lit up extra beautiful with every shade of rainbow for the entire Month of June.

This display goes to show a celebration of equality for every Floridian residing in the bay. Other areas of the city will only stay illuminated for Pride Month, where they will then return to normal.

The rainbow flag colors have been used to symbolize LGBT identity and solidarity since 1978 when the first version of the Pride Flag was made by Gilbert Baker - who described himself as the gay "Betsy Ross".

To this day we still use this widely recognized symbol to show support during Pride Month - as seen in the beautiful rainbow display lighting up Tampa Bay all Pride Month long.

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