Tampa Is Ranked One Of The Top US Cities For 'Best Quality Of Life'

Studies show Tampa isn't actually all that bad after all.
Tampa Is Ranked One Of The Top US Cities For 'Best Quality Of Life'

Tampa, Florida - some people love it here and others hate it; but no matter how you feel about it there's no denying this marvelous city has made it onto a top 20 chart of US cities with the best quality of life. 

A study was conducted by Numbeo, a database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, comparing several large cities around the nation on aspects like traffic commute time, cost of living, purchasing power, house price-to-income ration, climate, health care, and pollution. Tampa came in hot - making it to #16 on the list. 

Tampa ranked in front of Oakland, California, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Boston, Massachuttes, and St. Louis, Missouri.

According to the information on Numbeo's official website, Tampa ranks with a "very high" overall quality of life experience. Tampa has a "very high" purchasing power index  climate index, "high" health care index, "moderate" safety index and cost of living index, "low" pollution index, and "very low" property price to income ratio. 

You can see the chart breakdown below:

[rebelmouse-image 25935825 photo_credit="Numbeo" expand=1 original_size="802x933"]

Jacksonville, Florida also made the ranking at #14 on the list. Colombus, Ohio, Madison, Wisconsin, and Raleigh, North Carolina took the top three spots. 

Tampa is a bustling city with a lot to offer residents, including recreational activities, affordable housing, good food, and of course - plenty of beach access. It's truly no surprise this coastal paradise made the list. 

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