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A Local Tampa Eatery Is Giving Free Pasta Meals To Service Industry Workers In Need

"If we can do one small gesture to make someone’s day a little better, then that’s great."
Tampa Restaurant Bake'n Babes Offers Free Pasta Meals For Service Industry Workers In Need

When times get hard, humans band together to bring as much comfort to each other as they can. With restaurants closing their dining rooms and grocery store staples selling out, Floridians across the state may be wondering where to turn. Delivery and take out is always an option, but one Tampa restaurant is offering a helping hand for people in need.

Owned by Julie Curry, Bake'n Babes is known for its vegan sweets and over-the-top freak shakes. Every month they come out with something new, but right now they're offering something you wouldn't normally see on the menu — pasta meals.

The meals have been crafted as part of an effort to support service industry and restaurant employees that may be out of work or otherwise affected by stay home orders and business closures.

"I just think in times like this we have to join together," Curry told Narcity, "Restaurant owners and workers are in a very vulnerable place right now. If we can do one small gesture to make someone’s day a little better, then that’s great."

While Curry is currently stuck in Peru under lockdown after the country shut down flights, she isn't letting that stop her from giving back. The sweet treat shop owner says she regularly video calls her staff to stay up to date with each other as they continue to whip up their goodies and pasta dishes.

Curry said the pasta meals are being offered in both meat and vegetarian versions by her hardworking staff after receiving requests from vegetarian visitors.

Bake'n Babes isn't even requiring a purchase for service industry families to take home a hot meal. 

While their location at The Hall on Franklin is closed, the meals are being distributed by Bake'n Babes' friends at Victory Coffee, located at 101 N 12th St. in Tampa.

If you know someone in the service industry that needs help, share this knowledge with them. All they have to do is pop into the shop between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. and simply ask someone at the counter for a pasta meal.

Despite the closure of The Hall on Franklin, Bake'n Babes is still serving up their tasty treats including vegan brownies and CBD cookies on Uber Eats — their bites join Empamamas and their crispy Cuban sandwich stuffed empanadas that have popped onto the delivery platform for the first time.

Even with the new set of struggles surrounding the ever-evolving situation, Curry is determined to make sure she has her employees' backs and is doing what she can to give back.

"I may not have a lot, but you better believe I will do everything I can to make sure my staff is financially taken care of, and that we’re doing our part to support our community."