Staying healthy in the summer can sometimes be really hard to do, especially when the absolute best summer treat is a frosty ice cream cone. Thankfully there is a trendy eatery in Tampa keeps things healthy with plant-based vegan sweets that will blow your mind.

Sweet Soul in Tampa knows what it's like to love sweets but want to try and stay healthy while indulging. Whether you're here for a sweet smoothie or a quick snack, they have a little bit of everything for every type of sweet tooth. Being that they're plant-based, most of their choices are even vegan and gluten-free!

The entire place is seriously adorable too, with colorful and cute feature walls for you to snap a quick pic for the 'Gram.

The real star though is their build your own Sweet Bowls - and they look AH-mazing. They have a broad selection of options for your bases, add-ins, and extras - the best part is that most of their choices fit within many diet restrictions. You can go with a mini bowl, or pile on the toppings with a big bowl!

To build your own, you start by picking a base. You can keep it sweet and simple with a vegan matcha soft serve, or you can go even more green with their green blend, which includes spinach, kale, banana, pineapple, apple juice, lime juice, and ginger.

You can add soft serve to any build your own bowl base for an extra $2.

Next, you pick 3 sweets; Maybe one day you want one of their overnight oat recipes in your bowl, while another you want some gluten-free brownie bites, raspberries, and dark chocolate shavings. There are so many different combinations for you to mix and match to whatever you happen to be craving.

Making your bowl even better, you then get to choose 2 toppings as well. You can add a little crunch with some crunchy quinoa or get savory and sweet with dark chocolate and sea salt granola. You can even get hemp seed, coconut flakes, or ginger crystals.

And everyone loves a good drizzle - the very last step is to choose which sweet sprinkling you want over the top. You can go with a light dusting of matcha or dragon fruit powder, go rich and chocolatey with a chocolate chia drizzle, or you can get nutty with peanut or almond butter.

The possibilities are so vast that you could have something new and different each visit for quite a long time. Mix and match until you find the perfect bowl for you - but no matter what you go with, you'll leave with a sweet healthy treat to beat the heat.

Sweet Soul

Location: 1101 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606

Hours: 9am-9pm Sunday through Friday, 9am-10pm on Saturdays.

Price: Cost will vary depending on what you choose for your base and if you add any extras. The average price is $7-$9 for a basic build your own bowl.

Why you need to go: A sweet and healthy way for you to beat the heat this summer with smoothies, acai bowls, and soft serve. Customize your own bowl to your cravings with choices like vegan matcha soft serve or overnight oats - plenty of fruits, sweets, and toppings to choose from, with vegan and gluten-free options as well.