When it comes to getting inked, it can get pretty expensive — especially when you have something large and highly stylized. Sometimes we want to get something simple and sweet, but most shops have a minimum price they charge for their time on a small piece. Sometimes we don't even know what we want at all; just that we want some new ink!

Thankfully Friday the 13th is coming up, and a bunch of Tampa area parlors are doing one-day deals on the spookiest of days. Check out these 5 tattoo shops in the Tampa Bay area where you can get a simple & cute tattoo for super cheap tomorrow.

Stigma Ink

Price: $13 piercings & $31 tattoos.

When: Friday, Sept. 13th.10 a.m. to 9 p.m. for piercingsNoon to 9 p.m. for tattoos

Address: 3434 W Columbus Dr., Ste. 201, Tampa, FL

Why You Need To Go: A chance to get a good deal on a little tattoo. Choose from their list of flash designs, first come first served — show up early to grab your spot in line. No custom designs; cash preferred, but credit & debit available with 3% service charge. Must be 18+ with valid ID.

Lucky You Tattoo

Price: $40 small line-work pieces or $60 for larger colored pieces. No custom designs.

When: Friday, Sept. 13th — noon to 9 p.m.

Address: 9633 Bay Pines Blvd. St. Petersburg, FL.

Why You Need To Go: Each guest can get up to 3 tattoos from the flash sheets at the discounted $40-$60 price point, depending on size and color. Cash only. Minors 16+ must have a consent form completed and notarized as well as accompanied by an adult with valid ID.

Ink Wolves Tattoo

Price: $13-$31 dollar tatts, $13 piercings.

When: Friday, Sept. 13th - deal times have not yet been released. First come, first served.

Address: 11900 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa FL.

Why You Need To Go: This shop is participating, but final details and flash designs have not been confirmed yet. You can keep an eye out for flash designs on their Insta page here. Great tattoo and piercing deals.

Sacred Art Tattoo & Piercing

Price: $13 tattoos, $7 set-up fee. $20 out the door. Cash only.

When: Friday, Sept. 13th — Noon to 8 p.m.

Address: 4549 Grand Blvd, New Port Richey, FL.

Why You Need To Go: Chose adorable designs from flash sheets for an awesome price. Minors 16+ welcome with notarized consent form accompanied & by an adult with valid photo ID. Forms will be available day of at the shop, with a notary on-site. More flash designs for the shop's Friday the 13th deal can be viewed here.

Black Amethyst Tattoo

Price: $31 tatt, plus $9 tip.$20 deposit to reserve appointment.When: Friday, Sept. 13th - by appointment only. Space is limited, first deposit/first appointment.

Address: 689 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St, Unit A St. Peterburg, FL.

Why You Need To Go: Adorable flash tatts at a great price. This shop is by appointment only; first deposit, first appointment. More of their flash designs can be viewed here. Arrive 10 minutes prior to the appointment time.

Each location will have its own set of rules & flash tatts to choose from and is on a first come first serve or appointment only basis; find your favorite and satisfy your need for ink on the cheap! Don't forget your photo ID!

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