The 11 Best Foods From The 2019 Florida Strawberry Festival (PHOTOS)

Florida Strawberry Festival 2019 featured the best strawberry infused foods.
The 11 Best Foods From The 2019 Florida Strawberry Festival (PHOTOS)

The Florida Strawberry Festival has just concluded for the season and it was a definitely a year for the books. Thousands were in attendance every day and it was an event that did not disappoint fans eager to chow down on some strawberry delights. 

The Plant City-based festival featured dozens of vendors serving up locally grown strawberries. From fair favorites like funnel cakes with strawberry topping to the more exotic options like fruit pizza, there was plenty of delicious options to choose from.

Check some of this year's best foods out below:

Strawberry donut burgers:

Gourmet strawberry milkshakes:

Chocolate covered berries:

Berry Brisket Taco:

The 'Sweetheart' donut:

Taco balls with strawberry pico de gallo:

The classic shortcake:

Deep fried cookie dough with strawberry syrup:

Strawberry shortcake rolled ice cream:

Strawberry pizza:

Deep fried strawberries:

While the 11-day festival may be over, Florida strawberry season is still going strong! There are plenty of U-Pick locations still around for anyone interested in harvesting the local fruit before the season ends, and you can still make all these delicious foods at home! 

Click here to see some U-Pick locations.