Have you ever tried a cocktail so delicious that you just have an urge to swimming in it? While we don't know of any quite that big (yet), there's one you can almost swim in. The Avenue Eat + Drink in St. Pete serves a Moscow mule the size of your head and other huge drinks for those night dates with your BFFs... or when you want to indulge with a massive drink just for yourself.

Truth be told, all of their cocktails are delicious. They even have seasonal drinks (ask for them), but those designed to share certainly touch a soft spot on our Happy Hour souls. Their sizes always generate a doubt, "Can I beat this down?". The good thing is that you can always go and try to find out (but take reinforcements just in case).

Their signature gigantic Moscow mule is actually called American Mule. It is part of a section in their menu called "Bowl + Pitchers", filled with drinks to share between 2 or more people.

It is prepared with homemade vodka, Gosling ginger beer and lots of lime juice. Then this mega cocktail is served in an XXL version of its traditional copper mug and decorated with slices of fresh limes and bright colored straws.

The enormous alcoholic creation does not reign alone on the menu, but it shares the stage with other equally rich epic cocktails such as the Tri-freshness, the Moment of clarity, the Front porch tea, the Nice Melons, and the Strawberry Kush. All were created to share, but many take up the challenge themselves. They all cost $35 but in their Happy Hours, you can enjoy them for just $20. Check their social media for details. 

Here, every creation from the bar is great, but some of them are especially fun. You can take bubbly drinks with Chambong glasses or take your brunch to the next level making your own mimosas and bloody marys at their Bubbly and Bloody Bar. You can add all the toppings you want! 

The food is also incredible. The whole menu is tasteful and includes classics of American cuisine like burritos, hamburgers, tacos and chicken wings. Their Late Night Eats are the best craving at any time, although they are served only from 11:00 p.m. onwards. 

The Avenue Eat + Drink

Price: 💸

Type of cuisine: American / Fusion

Address: 330 1St. Ave S, St Petersburg, Florida

Why you should go: Party now, and adult later at this spot in St. Pete! Here you can grab some of the biggest drinks in town. A huge Moscow mule, and boozy fruity and citrus pitchers are among the best.