Florida is surrounded by bars and restaurants that provide a blend of paradise by the coastline that revival the Keys. So if you can't make it down south, don't fret as there is a bar right in Tampa Bay that gives off all the major Key West vibes. The Getaway Tampa Bay in Florida is a perfect spot for those looking to drink cocktails by the bucket full this summer.

When you first set foot inside The Getaway, you'll think you're on a private resort on the sandy beaches of Key West. The restaurant is covered with lush tropical palms and sits right up against a marina, so you can also party the day away on a boat. 

This restaurant provides a scenic backdrop for you and your crew to escape into a tropical oasis. Hidden away from the rattling traffic and frenetic pace of Gandy Boulevard, most of the dining area is outside. You can choose to unwind at either the tiki hut, along the sand, or even on the water.

While the setting offers a picturesque setup for unwinding, the massive buckets of booze are what truly where it's at. You don't want to underestimate these bad boys as they are something to behold.

Known as a "Getaway Bucket," these concoctions come with an assortment of flavors to fit any mood you're currently in.

Want to feel like you're Jimmy Buffett in paradise? Aim the Key West Rickey, a mix of lemon-lime vodka and fresh lime juice that you can casually sip one while laying back in one of their cozy hammocks.

Maybe you're in the mood for something genuinely spicy? They have just the drink for this, the Jalapeno Margarita, which is mixed with spicy tequila, agave, and lime juice. It is topped with fresh jalapeno peppers that will provide a kick that will have your taste buds in complete shock.

The Florida Keys will reopen soon, but if you are looking for an escape a little closer to home, the Getaway Tampa Bay is the perfect tropical restaurant.

The Getaway Tampa Bay 

Price: $19 "Getaway Buckets" 

Address: 13090 Gandy Blvd. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702 

Why you should go: This restaurant has major Florida Keys vibe and serves booze by the bucket full.