Every Potterhead's dream is to actually cast a spell that will work in their favor. And now finally, you can actually learn some magic in this place in Florida. Mad Dragon Studio is the most magical shop that every Florida Harry Potter fan needs to visit once in their life.

The shop is located in Zephyrhills and it features the most amazing wands, wizard scarves, and everything you need for your trip to Hogwarts. This shop offers unique things for fans such as their handcrafted advanced wands. Each wand is made with a core of wood and then covered in clay, sculpted, and oven baked. You can get a personalized wand for $50 and start practicing your Patronus spell. 

Besides finding unique wands, each visitor can participate in a private party of six.  For $25 you can learn how is like to be a wizard and witch. The price includes a private one hour wand-making class inside the Common Room where you will be sorted into houses.

Nothing will excite a Potterhead more than having their own handmade wand. After, the wand-making class, participants head to Divination class where their “fortune” is told through magically color changing soda.

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But, the magic is not over. You can add other whimsical things to your party for an extra price to make it extra special such as butterbeer drinks, a potion class, a spelling class, and party favor bags. 

In the spelling class wizard students learn to use their wands to make a small plastic dragon appear inside an empty box using the “Accio” spell and wand movement. To reserve your spot for your party click here. 

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Mad Dragon Studio is located at 5226 8th St, Zephyrhills, FL 33542.