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These 7 Cities In Florida Ranked As Some Of The Best Places To Live In U.S.

Florida has some of America's best cities.
These 7 Cities In Florida Ranked As Some Of The Best Places To Live In U.S.

If you're considering to move to a different city you should check the new ranking. There are seven cities in Florida that ranked high as one of the best places to live in the U.S. 

And unfortunately, Miami didn't make the cut. According to Livability, these cities ranked high for its economics, great mix of lifestyle, food, and beaches. It seems like these new cities are bringing something unique and different to locals. Florida is a big state with amazing cities that offer a beer scene, the best nightclubs, unique street art, and the best cuisine from different cultures. 

The best cities to live right now in the state are Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater, Gainesville, Tallahassee, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville. Discover below why these cities are better than Miami and what do they offer.  


According to Livability, Tampa has an excellent beer scene, the best Cuban sandwiches, and breathtaking skylines. One of the reasons this city was ranked 12th on the list. Miamians would feel jealous about this.


This city was ranked 17th on the list. Besides having the best theme parks and the most magical place on earth, Orlando has a great tech scene and a strong demographic.


This city has magical beach views and is close to Tampa and St. Petersburg. It was ranked 43 on the list.

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One of the best universities is located in the capital - Florida State University. This is also a great city for music, food, and start new. It ranked number 54.

West Palm Beach

In the bottom of the list at number 80 is this amazing place. West Palm Beach has one of the best beaches, food scene, and boutiques. It's perfect if you want a slower pace lifestyle.


Gainesville is ranked 92 on the list. This gator town is all about bar hopping. It's a college town but the party never ends here.


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Jax town made it 94 on the list. The nightlife and slow-paced lifestyle mix offer a great atmosphere for young people in this city.

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These are great places to think of moving to if you want to relocate.

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