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Over 100 Eateries Near Tampa Didn't Pass Their Recent Health Inspections

You won't believe which restaurants made the list.
Over 100 Eateries Near Tampa Didn't Pass Their Recent Health Inspections

One would expect their food to be handled with care when going out to a well-known restaurant, there are standards to be upheld after all. Most of the time these standards are met, but some places are falling short on their food safety practices. 117 restaurants in Pinellas County failed their recent health inspections, including some very popular places.

Inspections exist to keep our foodies safe, exposing some of the secrets places try to hide in their establishments. Foodie Floridians may want to rethink their usual lunch hotspots, especially those stopping for fast food. The list of 117 failed restaurants contains some big names such as Chic-Fil-A, Denny's, Arby's, Dunkin' Donuts, and Taco Bell.

The Chic-Fil-A on North 4th St. in St. Petersburg had 14 standing violations. Some were minor infractions such as food build up at seating areas or equipment in poor shape needing to be replaced; however, some high priority problems were reported as well including live bugs in the grill areas, employees washing hands with cold water, and employees not changing single-use gloves after handling certain food items.

Fast food joints aren't the only places to fail though. Even some sit down diners and restaurants known for being a bit more upscale failed inspections too. Some of those locations include The Melting Pot on N 4th St. in St Pete, KC Sunshine Grill on Ave. East in Reddington Beach, Joe's Crab Shack on Gulf to Bay in Clearwater, and Mugs n' Jugs on East Bay in Largo.

Thankfully it's not all bad, 161 restaurants in Pinellas County passed their recent health inspections, including the popular breakfast spot, First Watch. The 117 restaurants that failed their inspections still have a chance to correct their mistakes to meet or exceed standards with a follow-up inspection at later dates. Even with so many passing and working on corrections, it's always a good idea to see if your favorite place is living up to food safety expectations before your next stop.

If you want to know which restaurants passed or failed their health inspections in the last 21 days, you can view the full list here.

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