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This Florida Ranch Is Home To The Most Majestic Herd Of Horses You'll Ever See

Gypsy Gold Farm in Ocala is home to the most magical breed of horses.

There is nothing that screams "fairytale" like a horse-drawn carriage - and if you are into that sort of thing, you would love to see the horses at one particular ranch in Florida. Gypsy Gold Farm in Ocala is home to the most magical breed of horses. 

The farm raises English cob horses known as Gypsy Vanners - bred by the traveling gypsies in England to pull their carriages. The horses are identifiable by their gorgeously long hair and "feathered" feet. They are not a tall breed either, just slightly above pony size. These are literally the horses of fairytales. 

This magnificent breed was brought to the Americas by Dennis and Cindy Thompson of Ocala, Florida in 1996 and was recognized as a new, unheard of type of horse in North America. The couple eventually coined the name Gypsy Vanner in honor of the horse's history working as gypsy caravan puller. 

Check out some photos of the picturesque ponies below:

The farm is open for public tours (which is the #1 thing to do in Ocala and a favorite in all of Central Florida on Trip Advisor according to the farm's website) which cost $25 per person on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays starting at 10:00 am. 

The tour includes a two-hour informative tour of the farm where you will get the chance to get up close and personal with the horses, learn about their history, photo ops, and of course a visit to the on site gift shop. 

The farm is also home to mules, which are equally as adorable and entertaining. You can book your farm tour here

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The farm is located at12501 SW 8th Ave. Ocala, FL 34473.

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