Anyone who loves good Louisiana cooking knows that a huge crawfish boil is the yummiest way to celebrate the end of winter. Add that to a heaping plate of steaming hot mac ‘n’ cheese and you have the ultimate Southern, home-style feast. Lucky for Floridians, one of the best restaurants in St. Pete is hosting a festival where you can literally eat as much crawfish and mac 'n' cheese as you can handle. 

On February 25, a St. Pete brewing company is going to throw a massive all-you-can-eat crawfish festival with unlimited sides, including mac ‘n’ cheese, sausages, potatoes, corn and onions.  

That's right. You can basically stuff yourself with all of your fave comfort foods. Is there a better way to indulge?

You’re going to want to wear stretchy pants to this Mardi Gras food rush because 3 Daughters Brewing is famous for having some of the “gooiest” mac ‘n’ cheese in St. Pete. Plus, if you have the willpower to save room for dessert, there will be as much king cake as you can squeeze into your stomach.

You can literally eat non-stop for three hours from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., or until the food runs out. This NOLA-style fest will be a totally delicious way to spice up the middle of your week. And, unlike most Mardi Gras parties, this one won't leave you with a nasty hangover. 

When you aren’t smothering your crawfish in melted butter or eating enormous portions of cheesy goodness, you'd better drink up. Every attendee will get two stubs for specialty drinks like local beers, ciders and hard seltzers.

The brewery is also featuring a unique Hurricane Cider just for the event, so cheers!

The crawfish will be boiled in enormous metal pots right in the middle of the brewery. Foodies will love to snap photos of the gigantic piles of freshly cooked seafood. 

For those of us who are going to need a short break from all of the face stuffing, there will be a live band playing classic NOLA jazz. 

If you book online, the unlimited food festival only costs 30$, which is way cheaper than a three-course meal at a sit-down restaurant. Especially if you are ordering drinks. 

There’s also loads of free stuff involved! And we love free things. Festival-goers will get a souvenir cup. The brewery also promises a bunch of giveaways throughout the event.

They still haven’t posted what those giveaways might be, but we can only hope that there's more free food in it for us. 

All You Can Eat Mac ´N´Cheese and Crawfish

Price: $30

When: February 25, 2020 from 6p.m. to 9p.m.

Address: 222 S. 22nd St., St. Petersburg, FL

Why You Need To Go: Unlimited mac 'n' cheese. Enough said.