Some places in Florida are so hidden and magical, that you need to fall into the rabbit hole to find them. WhimzeyLand is one of these places, and it's definitely the most whimsical and magical house you'll ever find in Florida. 

The former Bowling Ball House is now known as WhimzeyLand and it features an explosion of colors that will make you feel like you are in a real-life Candy Land. This place is as Instagrammable as it can get and passersby are practically required to stop for a picture.

This private residence is located in Safety Harbor, FL and is owned by two Florida artists, Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda. After more than 20 years of hard work and creativity, the house is now open for locals to roam around and take pictures. The entrance is free but always be respectful of their art.  

WhimzeyLand features walls of bowling balls, colorful bottles, tile mosaics, a rainbow of artifacts, and some other mysterious collection of sculptures such as the giant elephant statue covered in an array of colors. 

These Florida artists really thought outside of the box. It's really hard to miss when you driving down the neighborhood. The colorful mosaic pathways and bright ceramic sculptures are what give this house a unique character that puts it on the same level as actual museums. 

Entering WhimzeyLand's property feels like you're about to discover a new land of possibilities. 

If you can't get enough art and want to explore more, you can also visit Casa Loco by the same artists. This is an artistic Mexican-themed house that features panoramic windows and Mexican furnishings. 


Price: Free

Address: 1206 N. Third St., Safety Harbor, FL

Why You Need To Go: Experience an explosion of color at Florida's most magical house. You will probably take some art back home and start thinking outside the box yourself.