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This Cozy New Eatery Near Tampa Serves The Most Delicious Crêpes You Never Knew Existed

You can even customize your own to satisfy any craving!
This Cozy New Eatery Near Tampa Serves The Most Delicious Crêpes You Never Knew Existed

If we Floridian's lived on the farm, the first thing we'd hear in the morning is the caw of a rooster; but there is a "rooster" in Seminole that wakes you up to something much more pleasing - coffee and crêpes. Not just any ol' crêpes either - this Tampa-area eatery serves up crazy delicious crêpes.

The Wooden Rooster made a name for itself in the bustling downtown of St. Pete, and recently opened up a new location in Seminole. Their Seminole location is beautiful and cozy, with dark stained wood finishes and stylishly cute decor and accents.

Coming to the Wooden Rooster, we're not looking at how relaxed and inviting the atmosphere is though. The real stars are their crêpes! Their menu features a vast selection of crêpes both savory and sweet - you don't have to just have them for breakfast. 

Their savory options have a broad range of flavor profiles from cheesy to Cuban - you can even get a Reuben crêpe, made with sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing, swiss cheese and your choice of either smoked salmon or turkey. For something a bit more mellow in flavor, get a Monsieur, made with black forest ham, bechamel, and swiss cheese.

If you're looking to indulge your sweet tooth, their sweet crêpes are to die for. You can go light and classic with the Crêpe au Sucre with fresh lemon and sugar.

If you need to satisfy your campsite cravings you can get a Smores crêpe, made with marshmallow, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, graham crackers, and dark chocolate ice cream. If you're feeling fruity get a Tutti Frutti, made with bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and raspberry sorbet. You can even get one with Nutella!

If none of the crêpes on the menu are speaking to you, you even have the option to build your own, choosing from their HUGE selection of ingredients. There's a little something here for everyone; They even have vegetarian and gluten-free options!

No matter what your taste is, you'll leave with a full belly after downing your favorite flavors cradled in crêpe.

The Wooden Rooster

Location: 7839 113th St N Suite F, Seminole, FL 33772

Hours: 7am-9am, 7 days a week

Why you need to go: A cozy and quaint eatery with the most delicious selection of crêpes, including healthy options. You can even go all in and customize your crêpe specific to you and your cravings. Their entire menu is made using local and organic ingredients, as much as possible, to support the local Floridian economy. 


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