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This Vegan Bakery In Tampa Bay's St. Petersburg Has Cupcakes That Look Like Flowers

Have you ever had a cupcake that looked so beautiful you almost didn’t want to eat it? Some bakers are just so talented at creating cake masterpieces that it can feel uncool to go ahead and pop those puppies into your mouth. Lucky for Floridians, there is a vegan bakery in Tampa Bay's St. Pete that makes treats that are so yummy you won’t think twice about messing up the frosting — even though they're straight-up pieces of edible art.

You'll find Curious Cat Bakery's delicious sweet treat company hidden in three different eateries scattered across the Tampa Bay Area.

The wildest thing about their baked goods is the flawless decoration that will make you feel like you're eating flowers plucked straight from an edible flower garden — in decadent and delicious cupcake form. 

Grab your BFF, your bae, or your whole crew of sweet foodies and head on down to one of their locations with your cameras in tow. Snap some totally Instagrammable photos, taste delicious treats and admire the mountains of frosting art.

Your Sunday morning routine may never be the same. Bestie baked brunches, anyone?

Folks with dietary restrictions will be stoked to know that all Curious Cat baked goods are actually 100% vegan. Who'd have guessed that vegan alternatives could look this good?

They also offer a bunch of gluten-free options for people who are all about that lifestyle. This means that these fun and funky treats are the kind that anybody can enjoy. Snaps for inclusivity!

They even offer a special order system for peeps who want a giant plate of cupcakes for parties, events, or Sunday afternoons on the couch.

Just be sure to give them 48-hours notice for small orders and up to three days to fill larger orders of 20+ items.

Whether you've been searching your whole life for some gorgeous vegan food or just want to know what a frosting garden would even taste like, Curious Cat Bakery is a totally unique place to stop by and dig into something beautiful. 

Curious Cat Bakery

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Vegan baked goods

Address: Three locations serve their products

Why You Need To Go: Taste some delicious treats that will make you feel like you are digging into a garden and pop a work of art into your mouth. The biggest plus is that you'll be treating your body right with something vegan. 


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