You Can Actually Rent A Vintage Volkswagen Van For The Ultimate Retro Camping Experience In Florida

Groovy, baby!
You Can Actually Rent A Vintage Volkswagen Van For The Ultimate Retro Camping Experience In Florida

Most of us don't own an RV yet, and camping barebones in a tent isn't always comfortable. Thankfully there's an adorable way to do your summer road trips in Florida - in a vintage VW sleeper van.

Florida Oldscool Campers LLC is a unique camping rental service that lets you rent old-school vans that have been meticulously restored and converted into every campers dream. These fabulously vintage vehicles come with all of your creature comforts.

You can choose from a few different classic VW buses as well as other retro vans, each with their own name and a little backstory about where they bought them, what all they come loaded with, and what they were doing before you could take them on your retro-inspired road trip. You can see a few of the vans available below.

You have Jasmine, a 1978 Westfalia Deluxe. She pops with her bright Sage Green paint job - and has the cutest matching plaid interiors.

[rebelmouse-image 25936446 photo_credit="Stephanie A. Smith" expand=1 original_size="700x466"]

[rebelmouse-image 25936447 photo_credit="Florida Oldscool Campers LLC" expand=1 original_size="853x640"]

Autumn brings in those vibrant Orange hues. This beauty will really pop if you're camping out near the beach, or deep within the woods.

[rebelmouse-image 25936448 photo_credit="Florida Oldscool Campers LLC" expand=1 original_size="853x640"]

Krazy Karl, a 1978 Mexico Beige Westfalia Deluxe - he's a bit more conservative if you don't want everyone pointing at you as you drive across the Skyway.

[rebelmouse-image 25936449 photo_credit="Florida Oldscool Campers LLC" expand=1 original_size="961x640"]

Every bus comes equipped with a 2 burner propane stove, sink with a 5-gallon onboard water tank, and 2 double beds - so you could sleep up to 4 people in these vans.

One bed is downstairs and converts from a couch and seating area into a bed, and the 2nd is up above. The top of the bus pops up where the 2nd double bed is - which brings in that feeling of camping in a tent or tree house. 

Each rental includes everything you need for your camping trip too - all you should need are your personal items and your favorite campsite foods. Each bus comes fully stocked, from kitchen cookware & dining essentials to spices to camp chairs - literally the whole 9.

They even think of the little things you may need like a grill lighter, scissors, flashlight, and playing cards for those beautiful summer nights! If you're going to camp out at the springs, they even include a drying line so you can hang your suits and towels up.

If you need a fan on when you sleep, a fan is also included - as well as a heater if your toes get cold. Those who want a little extra hand in planning their camping stops will also have access to a map & campground directory. The owners also love to offer advice on some of the lesser known spots if you're down for a little adventure!

If there's anything the bus doesn't have that you wish it did - just let them know and they'll try to accommodate. Florida Oldscool Campers takes pride in doing everything they can to make their campers happy.

It's $700 to rent one of these sweet VW vans for your summer road trip for 3 days and 2 nights - which includes taxes, fees, vehicle prep, checkout, liability insurance, and 100 free miles.

For each additional night added on to your trip, it's $250, which includes another 50 free miles. If you don't need to add on a night but need to add miles, their current 2019 mile rate is $1 per mile added on to your trip cost. Of course, if you're going with 4 people, splitting the cost will make your camping extravaganza that much more affordable.

If you're ready to rent an RV for a retro road trip of a lifetime, Florida Oldscool Campers LLC is located at 6330 46th St N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781.

Business hours are by appointment only. Availability for each van is subject to change, depending on other bookings, and can be obtained by filling out their availability form, here.

For other questions, they ask that you contact by email to, or phone to 727-698-1970. All questions are typically answered within 24-48 hours.

For more information, photos, & contact info - check out Florida Oldscool Camper's website here.

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