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This Strange Video Of Carole Baskin Biking In Tampa Is Mesmerizing & We Don't Know Why

She didn't seem phased by the Storm Big Cat Rescue event happening.

It's not unusual to see people enjoying an evening bike ride in Tampa, but to see a Netflix celeb? Well, that's a different story. Tiger King's Carole Baskin was spotted by Narcity this weekend leaving Big Cat Rescue and heading straight for the trails.

At 6 o'clock sharp on Saturday evening, Baskin, who was decked out in cat print from head to toe, was seen peddling out of the rescue entrance on Citrus Park Lane —which now has plenty of "no trespassing" signs posted out front— heading towards the Upper Tampa Bay Trail. 

Baskin's 6p.m. departure coincided with a Facebook organized "Storm Big Cat Rescue - They can't sue us all" protest event, slated to happen promptly at 6p.m. on May 2, 2020.

Over two thousand people marked "going" to the event, but that didn't stop Baskin from embarking on a leisurely ride. Apparently, not many people showed up anyways. 

But it didn't seem like the imminent threat of a protest was going to rain on her parade, and anyone who watched Tiger King knows Baskin's love for biking is as iconic as her "Hey all you cool cats and kittens" saying.

Check it out in Narcity's video below.

Baskin has become a local celeb, and this isn't the first, or last time Baskin was seen peddling in public.

Facebook users have been taking to the platform to share news of their sightings.

One woman even said it was a dream come true.

Despite all the chaos happening in the world, including protests on her own doorstep, Baskin doesn't appear to let that stop her from enjoying life's little pleasures.

So next time you're on a Tampa Bay trail (obviously on your way to pick up a Tiger King cake from Publix), keep your eyes peeled because you might just notice a leopard-print bike blissfully wheel past you.