If you've ever wanted to explore Florida from the treetops, we may have just found your new heaven. You can climb your way through these aerial obstacle courses at Treeumph in Bradenton - where's it's all monkey business.

You can climb, shimmy, scoot, and zip-line through the forest at Treeump Adventure Park - it's almost like being a real-life Tarzan or Jane swinging and climbing through the trees.

If you're new to climbing, try your hand at the Climb-On course or the Triumph Zipline Course - if you're looking for a little challenge,  try the Scramble Course. In total there are 6 different courses to choose from, plus a children's course for kids aged 7-11.

As you ascend through the obstacle course in the treetops, some courses will go as high as 60 ft above the ground, surrounding you with the best birds-eye views of the Florida wilderness.

The ultimate Treeupmh course is the Summit - a combination of cargo nets, long logs, man makers, swinging rings, vertical logs, and more fun obstacles for the more experienced climbers. Their website lists this as the most exciting course, with the most variety and challenge.

No matter how much umph is in your Treeumph, they have a course for every type of climber here - work up a sweat or zoom through the trees on your very own aerial obstacle course and zip line adventure.

TreeUmph Adventure Course

Location: 21805 E. State Road 70, Bradenton, FL 34202

Hours: From June 1st to August 31st 2019, the schedule is Thursday-Monday 7:30am-11am; They're closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Hours will change with seasons, which they update on their website.

Price: as low as $26, upwards to $200 depending on which course you decide to do, or if you decide to purchase an annual pass to go as often as you'd like.

Why you need to go: A variety of difficulties available to climb, shimmy, scoot, and zip line your way through obstacle courses between 15 and 60 ft. among the trees. Challenge yourself or take it easy as you maneuver through the treetops.