This Trendy Bar In St. Pete Serves The Most Wild Cannabidiol Infused Cocktails

Soak away the Monday Blues with CBD infused bevies in the most chill bar in St. Pete.
This Trendy Bar In St. Pete Serves The Most Wild Cannabidiol Infused Cocktails

Another week, another Monday - sometimes we need a place to just zen-out and drink away our Monday Madness. After all, we're all only human. If you need a place to vent about your workday stress with your BFF over a drink, this bar in Florida serves cocktails infused with CBD to take your buzz up a notch - all while soaking away your Monday Blues in a chill atmosphere.

Saigon Blonde in St. Pete, Florida is an eclectic mash of alluring Asain-Inspired feel and tropical tiki details that whisk you away to post-war Vietnam vibes, all while maintaining an upscale and relaxed atmosphere. What better way to enjoy the chill energy of this unique speakeasy than with one of their CBD infused beverages.

Saigon Blonde's special menu of 6 feel-good spirits was assembled to celebrate 420, all donning names that are hilariously cute marijuana puns. Their popular "Hemp Day" cocktail is available year round and is made using Banyan Reserve vodka, Mezcal tequila, jalapeño, lime, mango kush beer, and of course CBD - topping it all off with a little green pot leaf in the foam on top of your drink.

That just sounds intoxicatingly delicious. While the other beverages on the 420 menu aren't typically offered year round, a representative of Saigon Blonde on Facebook commented that you can ask them to make them special for you at any time of year and they'll hook you right up. To order them special, check out the punny CBD infused menu below:

If you're not wanting a full-blown cocktail, you can get a "Sweetwater Mango Kush" - which is a hemp oil infused wheat ale. They also have a hemp oil infused rotating IPA available that will satisfy your craving for a nice hoppy brew.

Aside from their CBD menu, Saigon Blonde has a vast list of cocktails with innovative flavors, as well as wine and seasonal local brews. Their Yelp page reviews show a lot of praise for their "Alpacas are Awesome" which is a sweet mix of El Gobernador Pisco, pomegranate, rosewater, lemon, and an egg white.

Not to mention the vibe of this speakeasy is remarkably relaxed and zen - a perfect place to head out with your friends to try some new alchemic alcohol creations. You can really feel the regal vibes of ornate Asia in the Vietnam inspired decor, with a little antique feel from the war era, and pops of tiki accents across all of their unique chill spots. It's is a treasure trove of photo-ops waiting inside - you can get a feel vibe of Saigon Blonde below:

If you're ready to ease away the pain of Monday, Saigon Blonde is located at 265 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, FL 33701. They're open 4 pm - 1 am Monday through Thursday, staying open until 3 am on Friday. Saturdays their hours run 12 noon to 3 am, or 12 pm - 12 am on Sundays.

For more information about Saigon Blonde, check out their website here.