Good tunes, a cup of tea, your favorite video games, and a relaxing place to meet great people in a chill atmosphere; this combination sounds like the perfect little hangout spot to wash away your stress, and it is actually in the works! This unique bar is gearing up to be so much more than a just tea shop - and it's expected to open in Clearwater soon.

Tributes Music Hall and Kava shop will be a unique addition to Clearwater this year, and it's slated to be so much more than your average tea bar. This little shop will combine your love for music, the need to geek, a quiet workspace for telecommuters, a social environment, and creative expression all together under one roof. The main bar area will feature a modest selection of ethnobotanical teas for every type of pallet, with the option to take things to the next level with kava.

For those unfamiliar, Kava is a tea made from the root and stems of a small shrub. It's been used medicinally and as part of spiritual ceremonies for over 3,000 years and is known to provide social, relaxing, creativity-enhancing benefits - and it's completely legal.

Not only will Tributes break the typical mold by offering kava, but they also have plans for bar experiences that stand out. Musicians who want to fine-tune their craft will have access to a soundproof jam space, with the potential to record their work in the future. You'll be able to break out that uke or guitar and practice solo, or rock out with other creatives just like you.

Tributes shared some progress on their Facebook page about a major design element of the space that includes a wall to wall album collage, which is sure to add a retro vibe to the relaxed musical themed hangout.

For those who have a geek-tooth to satisfy, there are plans for a media room where gamers can gather to play and discuss their favorite titles. Whether you're into fantasy RPGs, first-person shooters or the retro classics, Tributes will be a safe haven for all types of gamers to geek out. Those who work remotely and like to go to coffee or tea shops will also have access to a quiet workspace to set up and work in a relaxing environment.

Tributes disclosed to Narcity that their plans for the bar are to connect all of these semi-private spaces back to the main bar area to create a seamless yet cozy and relaxing social atmosphere. Those who want to focus on the social aspect of bar life will have plenty of space to kick back while slamming back shells and meeting new people.

As for the nightlife at this unique bar, Tributes says they "plan to get weird with it and see where it goes"; offering comedy shows, live music, games, avant-garde events and anything else they think would be cool to do along the way. We're excited to see what the creatives behind this creative bar come up with!

If you're looking for a new after work escape, Tributes Music Hall and Kava Bar will be located at 1633 S Missouri Ave Clearwater, FL 33756. Renovations are right on schedule, but their official Grand Opening date has yet to be determined. As of publication, they expect hours of operation to be 12 pm - 2 am daily.

To stay up to date on the progress of Tributes and to be notified about the Grand Opening, follow their Facebook page here.

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