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The World's Biggest Inflatable Adult-Theme Park Is Coming To Sarasota Next Month

Time to relive your childhood in the best way possible.
World's Biggest Inflatable Theme Park For Adults Is Coming To Sarasota

Like so many others, we too have felt the sting of jealousy when we see a bounce house at our 12-year-old cousin's birthday party adorned with a huge "NO ADULTS ALLOWED" sign. Luckily for us adults, the world's biggest inflatable theme park is coming to Sarasota — our inner kid is screaming.

It's as if the Heralds of Bounce House Heaven heard our sobbing pleas, bringing our wildest childhood dreams to life this November 1st through 3rd. Adults will have the chance to bounce kid-free in the world's largest bounce house — literally; this massive 10,000 square foot bounce haven actually has the Guinness World Record to back up the title.

But there's more to this bouncy oasis than the 10k sqft. Bounce House. You'll also have access to the 900 ft. long obstacle course perfectly named "The Giant", as well as the "airSPACE" that has slides, ball pits, a 60 ft. tall maze and more. It doesn't get better than that, right? Oh no, it definitely does though.

The Bounce House will have DJ'd tunes, inflatable games, and even bubbles. Basically it's a big bouncy party, HECK to the YES! If you need to refuel before running back to bounce, you can head on over to the food truck park for some sips & snacks.

Tickets to this event are surprisingly affordable for everything included too at only $30 each. Admission includes a dedicated time slot to the Bounce House & unlimited access to The Giant & airSPACE. Time for us adults to have all the fun.

If you happen to have kids, the event will also feature select dates for Toddlers (3 & younger), Juniors (7 & younger including toddlers), & Big Kids (15 & younger). Participating children must be accompanied by a parent. Some of you lucky 'rents can go twice.

An overview of The Big Bounce America event can be found below.

Inflatable fun that lets us adults in the action are what we need in our lives. Sarasota is also home to the U.S.'s largest inflatable adult-friendly theme park that you can visit year-round — and they even have an indoor rail coaster. While you're in the area you can also check out this secluded tiki bar right on the ocean's edge that serves up some of the best seafood and sips. Hudson also has an awesome inflatable theme park in the water that's a hilariously good time.

The Big Bounce America

Price: $30 per person for adult's only session; all ticket options can be seen here.

When: Nov. 1-3, 2019

Address: Nathan Benderson Park — 851 Nathan Benderson Cir, Sarasota, FL 34235

Why You Need To Go: The best way to play all day and relive your childhood. Adults only dates available, as well as toddler,

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