Sometimes, people make mistakes - and those mistakes put them behind bars. Everything you know about life changes when you live in a cell, and those who have creative muses need to bring their ideas to life to share with the world. Thankfully there is a vocational program in Florida that allows you to purchase handcrafted items made by Pasco County inmates and it's great for all involved.

Pasco County Inmates are able to utilize their craft and build various items, all of which are hand-made. The items range from picnic tables and chairs to custom make game boards like cornhole and ring toss, to bed frames, coffee tables, and even wood pallet flags and art. 

Every item is made to order once back stock sells out - you can even call to get estimates and quotes if you're wanting something a bit more specific. They make some seriously beautiful items - check out a few photos below.

A Deputy with Pasco County shared with Narcity that their vocational program has been really successful for allowing inmates to use their skills to make something great, and most pieces have found new homes. They're constantly running out or running low on stocked items, and are currently in the process of building a new 7,000 square foot facility to allow inmates to continue to be creative and share their creations with the world.

All purchases of these items support the inmates too. The proceeds earned from purchases of items made in the vocational program go to fund other enrichment programs as well as educational opportunities for the inmates.

Each item varies in price depending on size and materials used, but most hover around the $100-$250 dollar range. Some items will cost much more, such as the steel smoker grill for $850 or the wooden barn door tv stand for $350. 

Many of these handcrafted pieces would make a great addition to your home or lawn, all while supporting a quality life for inmates who are atoning for their mistakes.

To see all items available for purchase, pricing, and contact information for item details - check out the Pasco County Sherrif's website here.