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You Can Get The Most Wild Japanese Drinks With Toys At This Florida Restaurant

Susuru restaurant serves the coolest boba tea cocktails.

There is a restaurant that will make you feel like in the streets of Tokyo - but most importantly, it will refresh you with the right drink. Susuru restaurant serves the coolest and weirdest cocktails you could ever taste. 

Specifically, their boba tea has been causing a sensation among locals in Orlando. If you're looking to upgrade your happy hour experience, you should visit this place and order one of the many boba cocktails on their menu. 

Their signature drink is the Kewpie Baby Boba Tea which includes sake, boba, and topped with cotton candy, rock candy, lollipop, and a kewpie baby doll. The menu offers three options of the Kewpie boba teas: the Milky, the Zelda with matcha milk tea, and the Sailor Luna activated with charcoal lavender tea. The alcoholic boba drinks are $13 each. If you're not much into boba teas, you can choose other cocktails such as Yuzu Sour, a craft cocktail like the Godzilla or the Susuru Tiki Time that serves for two.

The restaurant is super authentic and it retains their tradition with original Japanese modern street decor.

Susuru offers a distinctive Izakaya menu. They serve skewers, ramen, mini rice bowls, and snacks such as Okonomiyaki, Yuzu street corn, and Hiyayakko Tofu. 

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Susuru also offers a variation of the Moscow Mule made with Bushido sake. Most drinks come with a toy and it makes you wonder if you just came out of a Japanese comic book. 

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Susuru is located at 8548 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32836.